Searing StarGenre: Science-Fiction

Pages: 464
Publisher: Amazon CreateSpace
ISBN:  978-1479253487

“Following humanity’s first contact with extraterrestrial life, arrogance and prejudice led to a costly war that ended in disaster for mankind. Fifteen years after peace has been made with the enigmatic Lithides, the scars of defeat have still not fully healed.

When Special Investigator Coby Griffin learns about a conspiracy that might ultimately rekindle the fateful conflict, he sets out on a perilous journey into the depths of space to uncover the truth. All too soon, the line between friend and foe becomes blurred…”

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Cover design by Martin and Robert Luh 

The “Searing Star” Universe

solarian-allianceFrom «Future Promises»: Foreword (published 2149) by Gabor Clarke.

“As humanity recovers from the fateful conflict that was the First Contact war, it directs its gaze towards the stars once again. We are no longer alone in the galaxy – entire communities of varied and unique species populate its reaches, and are looking at our upstart civilization with curiosity.
We have been introduced by war, but shall coexist in peace.”


In 2136, humanity made first contact with an extraterrestrial species. The encounter turned into a costly war fueled by misunderstanding and prejudice. The fledgling alliance of man was defeated and uncertain peace was restored – but even two decades after the war, many still consider the enigmatic Lithides enemies. Society is scarred by hatred, and many still nurture their desire for vengeance.

In 2150, our biggest enemy is, once again, our fear of the unknown.

The Cast of “Searing Star”

Coby Griffin

Coby is a renowned investigator for ANSEC, the military police force tasked with fighting organized crime. His story begins with the investigation into the murder of his old friend and head of ANSEC.
He is very determined and known to sometimes go beyond the boundaries of legality to reach his goals. Despite his shortcomings, Coby serves justice adamantly and will stop at nothing to find his friend’s killer.


Aisha Tièn, known as Nyx, is the head of a criminal organization by the name of Lèi Xuè – ‘Blood Tear’. Affiliated with a powerful interplanetary syndicate, Nyx controls a space station on the fringe of human territory. She is faced with a world dominated by treachery and deceit – a world that soon threatens to devour her.
Aisha is a person of questionable morals, knowing that it’s not kindness that helps one survive on the rim. Her upbringing and past experiences forged her into a ruthless leader.

Melissa Tyress

Lieutenant Melissa Tyress is the daughter of a prestigious merchant and has sailed the seas of space ever since she was a kid. To escape the routine, she joins Alliance Navy and sets out to explore the greater galaxy – only to suddenly find herself in grave danger.
Mel is outspoken and lively, preferring the company of sailors to that of prim and proper officers. She is intent on making career with the military, but soon has to change her priorities to adapt to the merciless flow of events.

Janus Sijev

Former colonial marine and man of hardships, Janus is one of the few old enough to have fought in the First Contact War. Like so many others, he has lost someone very dear to him – and his hatred for the former adversary is still strong. He makes his way through the galaxy as freelancer; a journey that begins anew with a fateful encounter.
Janus might be described as grumpy and direct – many a challenger soon regretted upsetting the burly soldier. As events unfold, he faces the challenge of having to rediscover his guardian’s spirit.


I would like to thank Josh Lee for creating the original Far Beyond Space role-playing game universe that was the inspiration for this story’s world. Without his vivid imagination and storytelling, this book wouldn’t have become reality.
My gratitude extends to Martin Schubert, who breathed life into the game’s version of Coby Griffin; Andreas Morath, who personified Melissa Tyress during our adventures and Benjamin Sonderhoff, the voice of Sairee the huntress.

This is your story as much as mine.

Special thanks go to my brother Martin for his patience in proofreading the entire thing and my friend Martin Lackner for providing invaluable feedback that helped a great deal with fine-tuning the story.
Big thanks also to Angela Singer for her patience in modelling for the book’s cover. She is a natural in front of the camera.

You guys are great!