New: "Verity" now available / "Verity" jetzt verfügbar

(Crime/Adventure) Verity is a young woman with the ability to see the signals of our everyday communication and a knack for getting into trouble.

"Collision Domain" now available!

(Thriller) Collision Domain is a thrill-packed wake-up call to us denizens of the Internet. Includes a technical appendix detailing every cyber-attack.

"Searing Star" - Recommended read for every sci-fi fan!

(Science Fiction) Delve into the harsh world of 2150 and experience the adventure of a group of four unlikely heroes and their battle against one of humanity's oldest enemies.
Explore the

Explore the "Searing Star" Universe

"Searing Star" is set in a rich universe where humanity is no longer alone. Learn more about the book's setting here.
Learn more about Cyber-Security

Learn more about Cyber-Security

"Collision Domain" revolves around current cyber-threats - click here to learn more the technology behind the story.
Read excerpts and download publications

Read excerpts and download publications

Click here to read excerpts from Robert's books and browse other articles and publications by the author.